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The Russian River Rodeo and a New Pink Hat

The Russian River Rodeo and a New Pink Hat

Because we took the road less travelled and took a right turn to avoid traffic and a stop sign, we found the town of Duncan Mills,California.
Set near the Russian River and nestled in the hills surrounded by majestic trees, we suddenly came upon this lovely little spot that on one side of the road had dozens of shops, vintage stores, arts and crafts and restaurants, and on the other side had the Russian River Rodeo.
We stopped in just in time for the bull riding event and enjoyed watching and talking with the locals about their rodeo and the area.
After the rodeo, we walked around the booths and stores in the area. I was amazed at this little area set in a valley and how its artistic community seemed to thrive in spite of its secluded location.
As we explored the fair grounds we met Lou Lou a traveling shop owner who sells homemade jewelry and other items at the rodeos. I was able to purchase from her a beautiful pair of angel earrings and a new pink hat.
After walking around the fair grounds of the rodeo, we walked into the little village where we saw the work of several local artists, vintage stores, a tea shop, and lots of restaurants and wine tasting spots. We had a delicious meatloaf sandwich at Cape Fear restaurant, checked out the Duncan Mills Museum that was in an old railroad car and took a selfie with a family of wood carved raccoons.
Robert Frost told us by taking the Road less travelled it made all the difference, and though finding the town of Duncan Mills did not change our lives in a permanent way, it did allow us a fun day and an adventure we did not expect, yet enjoyed immensely.

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