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Bogle Vinyard

Bogle Vineyard

You don’t need to go to Sonoma County to find a vineyard in California. Right outside Sacramento across the Sacramento River and surrounded by the Elk Slough is the beautiful Bogle Vineyard. Here you can sample one of their many wines, then take a glass or a bottle and sit at one of the tables in the vineyard under the enormous shade trees.
They have a cooler with a small selection of cheeses and crackers for sale if you want to take your picnic to the next level. There is no charge for the tastings. This is rare in a business where I have known wineries who charge up to $50.00 per tasting. Mark was an excellent resource for information about the area, and fun to talk to.
The road to the vineyard is bit precarious so drink responsibly, because even though you want to see the river you don’t want to end up in it.
This is a beautiful place to come and relax, write, and take in the gorgeous California weather, Don enjoyed a restful nap after a long day of fighting California traffic, and I enjoyed a day of sunshine and perfect weather.
And yes the wines are well worth the drive.



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