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Della Fattoria

Della Fattoria Downtown Petaluma California
141 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma, CA 94952-2904

Della Fattoria is a cute little restaurant located in downtown Petaluma. With glass counters filled with delicious home baked breads and mouth watering pastries, this place reminded me of a fun Mother Earth type hang out.
There is limited seating that includes 2 tops and large tables that are usually shared by customers. There are also a few outside tables so you can enjoy the beautiful Northern California weather.
They stay pretty busy on the weekends, but people move in out quickly. If it is crowded know they wait will be worth it. I had the delicious eggs Benedict. The bread they use is delicious and their sauces are creamy and flavorful without being overly rich.
They have a breakfast and lunch menu, lots of sandwiches and salads.
Breakfast is served until 11 and they close at 3:00 so go early and be hungry. They also sell bread and pastry to go.
There is some parking in front, there is also a free parking garage 2 blocks away.
Petaluma is a cute little town complete with clock tower and vintage shops. Plan a little extra time after lunch to walk off your calories and shop at the many unique places in the area.


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