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Flying the Friendly Skies with Annabel

The mood of a flight is always set by the flight attendant, they are like the nurses of a flight, even though the Pilot/doctor gets all the credit and glory, its the flight attendant/nurse who is out with the people making or breaking the experience.

A cranky tired attendant can put the entire plane in a terrible mood.

But a friendly efficient flight attendant can perk up the entire flight and put even the most tense flyers at ease, making a long day of travel day easier and brighter.
Today I boarded my Delta Airline flight in San Antonio and won the flight attendant lottery when Annabel greeted us all with her bright and sunshiny smile and upbeat attitude. The long flight from San Antonio to Los Angeles took on a positive feel from the time we took off until landing. She made the perfect cup of coffee, found me a blanket and could have been the poster attendant for flying the friendly skies.
As I left the plane I thanked her for making my flight such a positive experience, walking away I wished she could be on board every time I flew. So imagine my surprise when boarding my connection for Sacramento and was greeted again by Annabel!
Thank you Delta for hiring someone like Annabel, she is a true gem in the sky, and thank you Annabel for making my long and very early flight experience a positive one!


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