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My Best Mothers Day Gift

My Best Mothers Day Gift;

On October 23, 1987 my life changed in the most amazing way, at 540 in the morning when I looked into the eyes of my daughter Liz for the first time. At that moment my heart changed ownership from being mine to becoming hers.    I remember asking all the nurses if they had ever seen seen a baby as beautiful and perfect as her, of course all the nurse agreed because she was beautiful and perfect.

Everyday was exciting as Don and I watched her grow and change, filling our lives and hearts with joy and happiness.
When I found out I was expecting Kat I was worried how would I be able to love anyone as much as Liz, but on October 4, 1989 I again was looking into the eyes of another perfect, beautiful baby girl who took my heart and also made it hers.
On October 20, 1994, another precious heart thief came into our lives when David was born.
We had no money and were far from being perfect parents, but we loved our beautiful family.      We would take walks, play in the park, camp and make Christmas decorations from toilet paper rolls.     Every night we would pray,read and sing. While other parents were bragging that there children could recite from the periodic table or Shakespeare I was proud that my children knew all the words to most Beatles songs!

We struggled through their teen years, and when their hearts were broken by the world, my heart felt crushed.

The day each of them left for college I felt like the air had been sucked out of my chest, how could I breathe with my heart in another place?

There are days I think I would give anything to go back for a moment just to hug them as babies once more, or dance them to sleep as we did all those sleepless perfect nights so long ago. There are many things I wish I could have done differently, and so much more I wish I could have done for them, but there is nothing I would want to change in who they have become.
They are all grown up now, each of them a unique,beautiful, kind person out in the world making me proud as they find their niche to help make the world a better place for the next generation.

Liz, Kat and David you are the greatest Mother’s Day gift ever, thank you for every perfect happy moment you have given me.

My dear mother in heaven, thank you for the love and sacrifices you made for your children, I know your life was not easy but I am so thankful for you.

And to all those people who have surrendered your hearts and experienced that perfect joyful sometimes painful unconditional love that children bring us, I wish all of you a happy happy Mother’s Day.


Favorite color - pink Favorite place to visit - anywhere I am at the moment What I love most about life - spending time with family and friends If I could do anything I wanted - I would travel every inch of the earth and write.

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