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Delta and The Porsche AKA Why We Love Delta

My husband Don has been a million miler diamond member with Delta for years and we have heard mysterious tales of people being picked up by The Delta Porsche Cayenne to transport them between gates.  But we always thought those were just urban legends like the Chupacabra or Big Foot.

Until recently.

 We landed in Detroit ready to make a fast sprint through the airport so we could make our very short connection.

We were barely off the plane when we saw her…Amy… from Delta standing there with a iPad in her hands emblazoned with the words, “Welcome Don & Jill Vermeulen”.


I adjusted my eyes then nudged Don who was ready to go racing up the jet bridge.

“Hello” he said cautiously, “We are Don & Jill”

With a smile she informed us she was there to escort us to our next gate.

And she was not driving one of those irritating little golf carts that are always honking at you in the airport, she walked us outside and put our luggage in a beautiful Porsche Cayenne!

Was this a dream, did the elusive Porsche really exist?   Were we really being chauffeured like royalty across the airport tarmac?


This wasn’t just a quick ride from point A to B, she stopped at one of the larger planes, allowed us to take pictures and even insisted on taking our bags up the staircase so Don could take photographs. (Figures I didn’t have my sunglasses and was squinting the whole time.)



When she took us in the back way up the stairs and right to the door of the plane on the jet bridge, people stopped to stare.



We felt like rockstars as we got on the plane and were ushered to our first class seats for the flight to Hartford.


Don has always said Delta Airlines treats him so well that it is hard for him to have to get on any other carrier, and I fully agree, but after our encounter with Amy and that rock star service I know we will be Delta loyal forever.


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