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Seattle Public Market and a Perfect Day

No matter how many times I visit Seattle I will always find myself drawn to this beautiful menagerie of shops, antiques, music and food.

Plan to spend a couple hours here and come hungry, but don’t blow your appetite on the first donut shop you walk up to, there will be plenty of things to taste as you make your way through.

Start your visit with a photo of Rachel The Pig, if you feel generous be sure to deposit some spare change into her (she is a piggy bank) all donations go to help local charities.

Some days Rachel likes to dress up.

Right behind Rachel is the Fish Market where you can purchase all types of fish, watch out for the flying fish though as this has become a tradition.

Then you can begin your walk down the market place where you can find just about any kind of fruit, vegetable, flower and arts and crafts you can think of.

Take a minute to stop and listen to some of the amazing musicians along the way.

Downstairs you will find music, books, antiques and even a barber shop if you are in need of a trim.

Across the street is the original Starbucks, there is usually a line to get in.

You can have a nice sit down meal at Maximilian’s or pick up some delicious baked goods at Piroshky Piroshky another place you will probably wait in line, but the pastries at the front of the line are well worth the wait.

If its a nice day you can end your trip through the market with a picnic in the park right outside.

There are always artists, musicians, people to watch and of course beautiful views of the water.

No matter what kind of weather during your visit you will always find something to suit the day at this beautiful market in Seattle.


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