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C’est La Vie….. Ya’ll



This summer Don and I decided to visit Paris, Athens, Nevada, Bethlehem, Reno and Palestine…. all without leaving Texas.
And though seeing these places in Texas might be different from visiting the real things, Texas does have its own kind of unique beauty and fun.
While we did not get to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris France, we did stand below The Texas Eiffel Tower, complete with a red cowboy hat at The Love Civic Center in Paris Texas.

Italy may be able to boast it has some of the greatest food in the world, Texas has fabulous BBQ at Blacks in Lockhart, and good home cooking at the Road House Cafe in Paris


Londons bridges are historic and the Thames beautiful, but can they tube down the Thames like they can down the Guadalupe River?

Check out the Waco Suspension Bridge or the Piano Bridge near Schulenburg, Texas if you want to see some great historical Texas bridges.


Texas may not have the Eurostar, but The Pacific Railroad runs through just about every little town, and the views of the farms, rivers and fields is beautiful.

French love their wine, but even Texas has beautiful Vineyards with delicious wines coming out of the Hill country, and if your more of a beer person, check out the dozens of micro brewery’s that are making their mark in our state. If you cant make up your mind go to Wilson Street Liquors where Misty will help you decide from a large selection of wine, beer and various liquors to include some interesting Moonshines.

Who needs overpriced couture clothing shops, when you can stop in Lockhart Texas and get beautiful vintage clothing from Magic Mirror, and meet Natalie, a talented friendly shop owner who knows all things vintage.

And yes “Notre-Dame de Paris” is a church that everyone should have the chance to see, but if you cant afford passage across the pond come to Texas and check out our historic Missions in San Antonio or our painted churches in Schulenburg.

If music is your thing, we have plenty of talented Texas originals like Shelley Laine, Tele Novella, Thor and Friends and River City Kings. Or go to Austin one of the true music Capitals of the world.

We also do theater in Texas, if your looking for something original check out The Overtime Theater in San Antonio for Cthulhu Too The Stranger in Yellow (running July 21-August 12)


There was no unrest in Palestine Texas, instead we found a friendly little town where businesses closed on The 4rth of July and everyone in town headed out to the park to celebrate The USA with fireworks and community.

Texas is a beautiful state, and Texans do not fall into any one category. Yes we have cowboys, ranches and long horn cattle, but we also have NASA, top colleges, The Gulf Coast, plus a huge melting pot of people who came from all over the world to settle and share their culture, art, cooking, education and generosity.

The greatest thing about Texas though is the Texas friendly you feel when you travel through the state and are welcomed to each town.

C’est la vie ya’ll,such is life in this great state. So if your looking for a place where you can experience great food, theater, music, art and some of the nicest people around, then come on down and experience Texas.


Favorite color - pink Favorite place to visit - anywhere I am at the moment What I love most about life - spending time with family and friends If I could do anything I wanted - I would travel every inch of the earth and write.

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