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My First Waffle House

We’ve all seen them, those simple yellow and black signs that say Waffle House.
I was never sure about them and never took the time to stop in to check them out.
But there we were on July 4 in Hope, Arkansas, with not a lot of breakfast options so we decided to chance it.
There was an organized chaos going on behind the counter when we walked in. Waitstaff calling out orders, 2 cooks at the griddle slinging hash, frying eggs and of course makin’ waffles. There was a ‘Waffle House Jukebox” with ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today” playing, and everyone in the place was talking while happily enjoying their meals.
When out waiter Logan saw us walk in, he quickly cleaned up a table that was being vacated. He instantly made us feel welcome with his beautiful smile and promptly brought us coffee, water and menus as soon as we sat down. With so many smothered, covered and diced choices it took us a few minutes to decide what to eat. We chose a simple breakfast, and when it came out even the over easy eggs and bacon were cooked to perfection, just like mom would make.
I loved the small town feel as many of the customers were welcomed by name as they walked in.
So now I know that Waffle Houses are not scary places, they are little home town diners that are a throwback to simpler times,with friendly people, good food, and surprising music.
I guess I started lovin’ ’em today…



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