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Amore Reflexology

Amore’ Reflexology

When my sister asked me to join her for an appointment for reflexology I was all in. I love a massage, any kind of massage.
When we arrived the woman who were leaving were in the lobby looking very relaxed, almost rubbery and they glided out the door with almost drunken smiles. Soon after we were led into a low lit room with soft nature music in the background.
This was a little different from a massage, you stay fully clothed (except your shoes), and your in the same room as a few others. You start in a huge recliner type chair with your feet submerged in warm water (which feels amazing). And then the masseuse/reflexologist starts their magic. It’s a combination of massage and stretches some your wondering how they contorted your body into, but each one the perfect compliment to the next or previous part of the massage. When they were done I was relaxed, energetic and my sinuses felt clear!
It was a one hour treatment with the cost only being $35.00! I have paid twice that for massages in the past and walked away disappointed. If I lived in Houston I would be at this place at least once a week.

* 4003 Bellaire Blvd. Ste. G
* Houston, TX 77025


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