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Hawaii Sea Spirits

I love vodka, as does my Husband Don, so when we found out the Hawaii Sea Spirits Organic Farm and distillery home of Ocean Organic Vodka and Deep Island Hawaiian Rum was on Maui, I knew this had to be one of our stops while on the island. We arrived at the beautiful property just in time for the final tour of the day.
Our tour guide was Earl, he was very knowledgeable about the process of making the vodka and rum they make on the farm. He informed us about everything from the self sustaining well water supply and solar power to the different kinds of sugar cane on the farm even the best daiquiri recipe, using their rum. He commented if ever was a zombie apocalypse, this was the place to be, with ample supplies of power, water and spirits you would be set.
Part of the tour is a tasting. Even this part of the tour is an education. First we enjoyed a sample of the water used in their bottling process, then three small sips of vodka so we can get the true taste of the delicious velvety clean tasting vodka. Then came the rum. Again, Earl was brilliant as he explained the process and challenged us to savor the flavors we would experience as we tasted.
The tour is $25.00 per person plus your ID, (be sure to have it with you they take this very seriously. The cost includes a fabulous tour, a small tasting of both their vodka and rum, as well as a commemorative shot glass.
If you want to purchase anything they are very helpful with assisting you in packing things up to make them travel safe. The distillery is a 20 minute drive from OGG airport, so a good stop when you arrive or depart.


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