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Sailing into The Hawaiian Sunset

84b4d681-d45f-495e-95aa-43359b980147Don and I wanted to find a special place to have dinner our last night in Honolulu this trip. So when we found out about the Star of Honolulu and its sunset dinner cruise, we decided that would be perfect.
When we arrived at Pier 8 we were greeted by hula dancers and musicians, making us feel as if we were royalty. We were lead to the top deck where we met the ships captain and more musicians and dancers who entertained. We were served champagne and canapés before being brought to our seats to begin our 7 course meal.
The food was delicious, and there was never a rush to finish. The menu was pre-determined so no need to make any decisions (though they do offer a special menu for those with diet restrictions or allergies, you need to inform them ahead at booking). All we had to to was enjoy each other’s company and the beautiful view, then a new course was brought out.
So often when you take a touristy type cruise like this you wind up eating rubbery chicken or over cooked meat. But that was not at all the case, each course was more delicious then the last. We started a fabulous asparagus soup followed by a golden beet salad. During the salad, the waiter, Jan, poured us a glass of champagne for the Captains toast prior to the main course.
The toast was brief but elegant and well received by all of the guests. Then on to the flown in Maine Lobster chased with a palate cleansing sorbet and then beef tenderloin, finally a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate gelato for dessert.
Our on board package included three alcoholic beverages. To start I chose a delicious perfectly poured rainbow martini. Don had margarita “rocks, no salt”. With dinner we chose a lovely red wine and a Remy Martin VSOP to compliment our dessert.
The wait staff was friendly and very attentive. If we were out on deck watching the sunset or the view of Diamond Head they would wait for us to return before bringing out the next course, so our food never got cold. There was even someone nearby to help take photos of you and your guest(s).
During our meal, we were entertained with beautiful music and hula dancing. And after dinner, we danced along with a jazz trio who performed for us. The experience was like something from a classic 1940’s move.
When outside, we could hear the music and sounds from the lower decks, each package you could purchase had its own unique charm. We wished for more time so we could have wandered down to the other areas to take in the fun dancing and singing that was going on around us. But this night was perfectly romantic and dreamy.
On our deck there were nine or ten honeymooning couples and a small group of friends together for a reunion and us. The MC introduced and applauded the honeymooners, then introduced us as the couple who had been married thirty years. A chorus of oohs and ahas erupted into a raucous applause from the honeymooners. We were embarrassed by the attention, they may have been impressed with our thirty years, but we were envious of their bright futures, remembering how excited we had been thirty years ago to be starting our journey in life together.
At the end of the night we were honored when they asked to be able to take a photo with us.
The night was like a perfect dream, and I will look forward to coming back to Honolulu for another evening on the Star of Honolulu, maybe we will try the party atmosphere and book a lower deck. The 5 Star deck was amazing but variety is the spice of life. Now you know one of the secrets to thirty great years with my best friend.


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