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Pine Street Market Portland

We got off the train in Portland with a goal of finding the best dark beer and food to go with it.
The bartender at the Embassy Suites suggested we start by checking out the Pine Street Market, a fun food court in the city where you could get everything from Ramen to Israeli Street Food. How can you pass by a sign that says Shalom Ya’ll.
At Marukinramen we watched the chefs as the made the delicious bowls of Ramen soup, it was the perfect food for a rainy day in Portland, The Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen Soup had the perfect combination of spice leaving us feeling warm and toasty, The bowls were huge so we shared one to leave us with an appetite to try more of the delicious foods in the area. After we went to the Wiz Bang Bar for creamy sea salt and caramel ice cream, with white chocolate lavender for dessert.
A short walk to the waterfront this place was a great stop on a rainy day to sit and visit, get work done or just warm up.



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