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Riding on the Coast Starlight

Once on board The Coast Starlight Train we felt like children discovering a new playground. There was a traditional seating area, where we could store our carry on luggage in an overhead area. The seats were large and very comfortable, so much more space then any plane I have been on, you could easily nap comfortable in the seats. The sightseers lounge had skylights and seating that allowed you to sit at a table or lounge chairs. The large windows allowed you to enjoy the beautiful views of the west coast. There were plugs in all the seats for your electronics and a wifi pass, though that only worked in the business class seating area.
You could purchase food or drinks downstairs, or your could have a meal in the dining car, if you were in business class you received a $6.00 voucher per person.
My friend Charlotte says you miss so much when traveling by plane, I could not agree with her more. But the driver also misses so much when traveling by car. On the train all passengers get to see and enjoy the sights of our beautiful country, and the bonus is the trains travel away from the freeways so you get a glimpse at the interior of America that is hidden from cars and highways.
The trip from Seattle to Portland was a little over 4 hours but it seemed much shorter as we chatted with other passengers and viewed the scenery.
We look forward to Thursday when we will once again board the train to San Jose, but our next trip will include a sleeper car and the chance to roam through the Parlor of the train.
But for now off to Portland to find the perfect dark beer and cheeseburger.


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