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Red Stripe

Out to eat with pinkhatgypsy
Red Stripe – Providence Rhode Island
Located in the beautiful Wayland Square, close to the home of author HP Lovecraft, The Red Stripe is a quaint restaurant and bar. While they do serve  Red Stripe Beer (along with a large variety of other beers and spirits), the restaurant is not affiliated with Red Stripe Brewery in any way.   The original proprietor was in a reggae band who spent time in Jamaica, hence the name.
Our waiter Robert was helpful, knowledgable and patient with all our quirky, special orders and he made some great suggestions.
We arrived in time to order from the lunch menu that offered a delicious Red Stripe Grilled Cheese with prosciutto, poached pear, basil pesto and cheese.  My daughter and her boyfriend ordered the lobster roll with clam chowder that they split.   I was impressed that they served two perfectly even plates with everything split down to 2 mini bowls of coleslaw. My daughter said it was the best clam chowder she ever had.
Great service, delicious food great location, I can’t wait to return to Providence to check out more of their delicious menu in the future.


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