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Hope Gallery Austin

Hope Gallery
If your in Austin and you love art check out the Hope Gallery. This is no ordinary gallery, you won’t find Picasso or Monet there but you will find some awesome modern art done by whomever brings chalk or a spray can and wants to express themselves.
Some of the art is cute and fun, others are masterpieces. It’s amazing to me that there are so many talented artist out there, I love that they have a way to express their creativity in such a public setting.
There is no fee to come here, it is open air and with all the cement it can get pretty hot in the summer.
Getting to some areas can be tricky as the ground is uneven and there are multiple levels, but there is plenty to see towards the bottom. Putting stairs in would be a great Eagle Scout project and would help make all the artwork more accessible.
I loved this fun, quirky art gallery. What I did not love was the amount of litter left by visitors and artists. The area was cluttered with empty spray cans, water bottles and other garbage. Clean up after yourselves people, no one would leave that kind of mess if they walked into the Louvre.
This would be a great afternoon outing in the fall or spring, and you can visit often as the landscape is constantly changing. Keep that weird creativity Austin, it’s places like this that keep you great.


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