Do you see the world as a prodigious place filled with adventures, spectacular landscapes and inspiring people to meet and learn from. In your mind is every river, mountain and field an awe-inspiring masterpiece. When you meet another person do you want to find out what remarkable stories they have to share?
Traveling is one of life’s great adventures if you’re traveling for fun this should be a time to unwind, relax and explore new places. Unfortunately when you leave home you enter a new territory of places to stay, eat and visit. Unless your fortunate enough to know someone in the area you’re visiting you could wind up in a scary hotel or stopping in restaurants that are overpriced or leave you running to the pharmacy for antacids. And we all love those tourist traps you know the ones … but mommy please can we pay $10.00 to go see the worlds longest snake only to think you just saw a reptile twice that size last week in your garden. These days we are fortunate to have travel shows, magazines and the internet to guide us on our adventures, the only problem is once the guy with the backwards sunglasses puts his stamp of approval on a place it becomes a major tourist attraction and you might starve to death waiting in line to taste that amazing goulash.
It’s an incredible world out there, so start planning to explore as much of it as possible. Start small by checking out your own backyard, I am always in awe at how much there is to do in my own backyard. Then move on to road trips, cruises and foreign destinations. Before you go find out as much as you can about the area, grill your neighbors, friends and co-workers who have been there before, every person who has been on a trip has a cell phone filled with pictures of their last destination that they want to show off. Read a blog (like mine), call AAA, buy a travel magazine to figure out the places that tug at your heart. There is an amazing world with something for everyone waiting for you to discover it and lots of resources to help you get there. Now go apply for a passport start dreaming and make those dreams come true.

Around each corner waits new adventure