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The Imagined Mystical Power of Gloves

Ahhh gloves, they can be stylish, keep our hands warm when it’s cold, keep our hands clean when we garden, and lately they have become the latest fashion craze at gas stations and grocery stores.

Many people seem to think these gloves possess mystical powers. You’ve seen the ones I’m talking about, that person in the grocery store who touches every surface with those miracle gloves, then grabs their child’s hand (who doesn’t have on gloves, or better yet wipes their child’s face with gloved hand.

Or they dial their cell phone (with glove) then hold the phone to their face to talk.

With the same gloves they drive, eat, perform household tasks.

They never take the gloves off, keeping them on as though wearing the gloves allows them a miraculous protection barrier….it’s as if they feel they have found a cure for hand washing.

Newsflash gloves are not magic shields, especially when not used properly. What goes on the glove stays on the gloves and spreads to everything you touch with that glove. Think of gloves as your own skin then ponder….what would you touch after you picked up dog poop? So if you’re going to use gloves, at least be smart about it.

Respect the glove and it will protect you as best it can, but remember it’s only a glove, your the one with the brain so please use it wisely.

Finally please do not be a thoughtless slob and toss your gloves on the ground outside of public places, that is one of the most disgusting forms of littering ever, remove and dispose of them properly.

Be safe, be kind, be smart and remember we are all in this together!


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One thought on “The Imagined Mystical Power of Gloves

  1. I’m so glad you addressed this issue! I too have watched people touch their face after touching produce in the store. It’s illogical, but makes for amazing people watching.


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