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LAX to Burbank by train

49F08781-9E3F-4C35-A89E-74C9EDDA0BD0If your trying to get from LAX to Burbank and you don’t want to drive, you have a few options.

Uber, taxi or Lyft, bus, hitchhike… Or if your feeling adventurous you can take the flyaway bus from the airport to Union Station then take the train from Union Station to Burbank.    

Things to know if your doing this.

Make sure you get on the correct flyaway bus, there is more then.   If you have luggage they will store it under the bus.   You pay for the bus at the end, they only accept credit and debit cards no cash (the cost from LAX to Union Station is $9.75)


For Amtrak you can purchase your tickets in advance but if your plane is running late you could run the risk of missing your train, so we opted to purchase our tickets at the station.  You need to go to the ticket counter to get a ticket, the kiosk are for metro passengers only.

A business class ticket will allow you access to the first class lounge with snacks, wi-fi, comfortable seating and a red cap to take you to the train. (Business class ticket $18.60 – coach ticket $9.50)

There is some space on the train for your luggage, its very limited but we were lucky and able to find room for all of our bags.

Keep your ticket with you as they will ask for it once your seated.

Depending on how far your going there is a cafe car, our trip was too short to check that out.

Our train did have free wi-if.

The train ride was a quick 25 minutes, we spent more time waiting for the train then we actually spent on it, the stops are quick so be ready when they call your stop or you may wind up in another location.


You get dropped off right across the street from Bob Hope Airport.


It was not the most efficient way to travel, and I would not recommend it if your on any kind of schedule.  But  we did avoid Los Angelas traffic and had an adventure, and after all adventure is the best part of travel


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