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In A Quiet Iowa Cornfield

In a quiet cornfield in Iowa there is a simple tribute to The Big Bopper (JP Richardson), Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and Roger Peterson, four men who died in a tragic plane crash February 3, 1959


The crash is a true testament to how a simple act of fate can change a life.


The Big Bopper had the flu, so Waylon Jennings gave him his spot on the plane, and Tommy Allsup lost a coin flip with Richie Valens.  Neither Tommy nor Waylon could know giving up those seats would save their lives.



The memorial is neither showy nor fancy, 3 simple records and wings for the pilot, a wind vane made of cake pans and a few treasures that fans have left over the years.


I was so impressed how well maintained the pathway was, the grass from the road to the memorial was mowed and green.


Its a beautiful yet sad reminder of an event that changed the course of music and left us wondering where these men would be today if they had chosen to stay on the bus.


Its a long drive through endless cornfields, there is no fee to get it.  Put 22728 Gull Ave., Clear Lake, IA into your GPS.  Park near the Buddy Holly Glasses near the side of the road and walk about 1/4 mile through the cornfield to the memorial.  


Be respectful of the surrounding area, some very kind farmer is allowing the public to walk through his fields, show him the same respect he shows for these great musicians and their fans by memorializing  the day and place that the music died.



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