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View From The Lighthouse

The St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida is a beautiful part of the Maritime History of the United States.

Open to the public, the cost of admission is $12.95 for a self guided tour, that includes entrance to the Light Keepers house, museum, outdoor gardens, and many other points of interest, and of course the Lighthouse!

The Lighthouse boasts 219 cast iron steps that lead to the top. As we climbed we were met by many people who were using the climb as part of their exercise routine making at least five trips up and down.


Climbing for pleasure or exercise, once you reach the top you will be rewarded with beautiful views of The Atlantic Ocean.

As you climb you can stop at each landing to read stories about the duties of those who lived in the lighthouse in the past.

Be sure to check out the story about the flying cat.

You even can try to lift the 5 gallon oil can that the Lighthouse keeper would haul up the steps every 2 hours.

As well as the interesting stories and great pictures on each landing, you will find words encouragement letting you know how much further you need to climb.

Just one of the many spots to put on your list when visiting St. Augustine.




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