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Wedge vs Slice

“Wedge” VS “Slice”.
It’s an age old question.
A debate that has caused scholars many a sleepless night and bartenders hours of frustration.
Though I normally try to avoid such hot button controversial topics such as this, I believe it to be my civic duty to impose my opinion on this very important subject.
So let us now delve into the controversial world of,
“ Wedge” vs “Slice”.

You go to a bar or restaurant and order ice tea or a vodka club. Very different refreshments but they share a unique characteristic, a lemon or lime. Sometimes they come as a wedge, sometimes they come as a slice.

Slices are for eating. If you get a slice of orange on your Blue Moon, that’s okay, because slices are for eating.
But who wants to eat a slice of lemon or lime?

Lemons and limes are for squeezing into drinks.

I challenge everyone to attempt to squeeze a slice then you too can feel our immense frustration.

So, I implore all of you in the world who have the monumental responsibility of making the decision of whether to slice or wedge your fruit, allow us the opportunity to get a good squeeze without getting sticky fingers, and citrus in our eyes.

Wedging is actually easier to do. It decreases the incident of cut fingers and temporary blindness as well as being more aesthetically pleasing to look at.
So people, go out into your local bars, restaurants, friends homes, your own kitchen and demand wedges for squeezing, and slices for eating.



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