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Bettye Goes to Broadway

The only thing better then traveling, is traveling with someone who brings infectious enthusiasm to a trip. Traveling to New York this year with Angie, Linda and Bettye gave me this great opportunity.

Bettye’s excitement at being in The Big Apple was priceless, and certainly increased my level of energy!

Our room at The Holiday Inn Express had a sneak peak view of The Empire State Building, nothing spectacular just enough to get you excited about being in the city.


Our first order of business was purchasing Subway tickets, getting a proper tutorial of how to use them, then on of course having the adventure of riding.



It had been a long day of travel for everyone, so that evening Angie had booked tickets for Madame Butterfly at The Lincoln Center.


The building is spectacular


The price tag was perfect $45.00 for the chance to experience one of the worlds most famous Opera’s being done by The New York Metropolitan Opera was priceless.


Friday was promised to be a fun day of site seeing and walking, so we all donned our tennis shoes and followed Angie as she led us through some of New York’s most famous sites.



Standing brave and beautiful in The New York Harbor is the quintessence symbol of our country.


Since 1885 The Statue of Liberty has looked over the Harbor.  She watched with joy as immigrants came here to find new lives, and in sadness on September 11 as terrorist tried to destroy our spirt. There is nothing like the feeling of being on the ferry and having her come into full view.


You can purchase your tickets online.  If you want to have the opportunity to go into the Crown you need to purchase these well in advance.


As our boat pulled into our next stop Ellis Island, you could almost hear the cheers of those who came to this Island so may years ago, making their first steps into all the promises of America.


There is so much to see here, I wished we had an entire day to dedicate to the stories, pictures and history of this place,that has not greeted a new immigrant since the 1950’s.


But New York is a big city and we had lots to see, so on we walked.
Through Wall Street past The Charging Bull who remains in a frozen stand down with The Fearless Girl.


Until we arrived at a place we all wish did not have to exist, The 911 Memorial. I am sure all of us who were alive September 11, 2001 remember where we were when that horrific attack happened.

This beautiful fountain with the names of all those who were tragically lost that day stands so that we will never forget.


Next to the fountain stands The Survivors Tree. A single Callery pear tree was found in the rubble.  In in a time when everyone was desperate to find signs of survival amidst so much death and destruction, this tree was nurtured at a nursery and later transplanted on sight. It is a beautiful sign of resilience.



Bettye was a big Hamilton fan and so of course we made sure she saw Hamilton (and Liza) while in New York!

If your interested in having this great opportunity as well, Alexander, Liza and Angelica are all interred at the Trinity Church Cemetery.


If your a Ghostbuster fan, you don’t want to miss the New York Public library.


We scanned the shelves for paranormal, all we found were people reading, and an author who was left outside to sell his books.


We ended our first day by visiting another New York City Icon, The Empire State Building.


If visiting, consider buying your tickets in advance to avoid the lines. Even on a slow day you can expect to wait in line for at least an hour. But once to the top, the views are spectacular. And of course who doesn’t love those uniforms they wear there.

Saturday we woke up early, we still had a lot to see and this was our last day together.
Bryant Park was just setting up their ice skating rink.


At Rockefeller Center, there were already people skating on their famous ice skating rink.


We ate Waffles from the Waffle Cart


and took down the information on how to become next years Waffle King and Queen and decided to start a campaign for Angie and Marshall.

At The Plaza Hotel we visited Eloise and took photos with one of the doorman (who resembled a bear).


Visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art where where our group sat and pondered the work of some of the worlds most renowned artists.


Gazed upon paintings by Rembrandt and other famous masters.


While there we had yet another Hamilton moment.

Strolled through Central Park


Watched the boats

Took pictures of the bridge where “nothing good ever happens” in the movies

Visited Strawberry Fields



Aaron had coffee at Tiffanys


We visited Times Square

Wandered past The Rogers Theater where we asked if there was a chance of seeing Hamilton that night (The laughter at the box office could be heard through the city).

And took lots of fun pictures


We saw more in those two days then I had seen during all my New York visits in the past.


I was so sad to have my dear friends leave on Sunday Morning. Angie’s super tour guide skills, great conversations with Linda and of course Bettye’s infectious enthusiasm made for a great New York trip!



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