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Sunday Night on The Riverwalk

Don and I love to travel, but in the last few years we have discovered that we have so much to see right in our own backyard, so instead of getting on a plane each time we wanted to discover something new, we have started calling Ubers or booking hotel rooms downtown. Now we can see more of the city we call home, San Antonio.

There is a great variety of places to eat and drink on the San Antonio River, with something to satisfy every palet.

If your downtown, check out The Esquire (155 East Commerce St) , not only is this the oldest bar on the River Walk (opened in 1933) but it is also the longest wooden bar in Texas. They have great drinks, and serve food until 10 pm during the week and until 1am Thursday – Sunday. With inside seating, you can escape the heat of Texas summers and tables outside to enjoy the views of the beautiful river walk on nice days or evenings.

Close by on 234 Riverwalk Street is Waxy O’Conner’s, where we played a fun game of darts while listening to live music and enjoying a drink.


We have had the opportunity to visit several of the Waxy O’Conners across the US, and this one did not disappoint.

Our last stop of the night was our favorite and will probably become our San Antonio go to Sunday night spot in the future.

Right upstairs from Waxy O’Conners is Soho Wine and Martini Bar at 214 W Crocket Street. As soon as you walk in the fabulous sound of the “210 Blues Band”, catches your attention with their rocking Texas Blues. Very reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaug

19DD7DFD-3611-48A1-B53E-27E63A15B5C4.JPGAt the bar, Adrian made some of the best “craft” cocktails ever to cross our lips. Don discovered earlier if you put a slice of two of fresh jalapeño in a vodka/club soda (with lime), it is a cool, refreshing drink with a nice a kick. Adrian our bartender took this to the next level using a previous drink recipe called “The Batchelor” and turned it into a “Spicy Batchelor”.


The Soho was the former San Antonio Loan and Trust, and the bank vault still remains in place behind the bar, keeping safe their overflow of bottles and wines.

With live music every Sunday, I imagine this will not be our last visit to Soho Wine and Martini Bar.

All these great spots were with a 1000 feet of the beautiful hotel we had booked for the night, The Holiday Inn Riverwalk. We woke up the next morning and enjoyed coffee on our balcony overlooking the river.

There are lots of beautiful places to visit, but it is nice to know one of the most beautiful places in the country is right here in our hometown.



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