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Pioneer Saloon

Pioneer Saloon
310 W Spring St
Goodsprings, NV 89019

When you walk into The Pioneer Saloon you feel like your walking into the home of a good friend who cant wait to show you around the house that they love.
If you were to drive by it you might think it was just an old saloon or some type of tourist attraction. But take the time to stop in and experience some fascinating history, friendly people and maybe if your lucky a ghost or 2.
Located in Goodsprings Nevada about 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas, there are no bright flashing lights there, instead they have stars that light that up the evening sky, there are no slot machines, but there are the tables where cowboys gambled, fought and maybe lost their lives for cheating at cards in the salons early days. There may be no celebrity sightings but Carol Lombards benevolent spirit may tap you on the shoulder, and you will see the cigarette burns that Clark Gable left on the bar while he anxiously awaited news on the plane crash that killed his beloved wife in the mountain that The Pioneer is at the foot of. Ask the staff to point out the natural heart shape on the mountain that her plane crashed into.
The food is delicious, we had the trout with a yummy crust and the steak that was perfectly cooked. They have a full bar and a great selection of beers and spirits (no pun intended).
Goodsprings Nevada and the Pioneer Saloon were actually where Las Vegas got its start, a town that was once filled with miners who would flock to the Pioneer for food, drinks, a game of cards or to meet the woman of negotiable affections.
I loved the staffs genuine passion for their work, if you go for a star gazing, Johnny will make sure he answers all your questions while assisting you with the very impressive telescope collection they have on sight.
Jill loves her ghosts, and treats them as extended family to include waving at them in the cemetery as we come and go. They have haunted lock ins by appointment and have been featured on several shows.
Noel, the owner came out to talk to us during our star gazing and he also was passionate about the history of the location and the ghosts who still reside in the area, helping to give the location a unique history.
If you go to Viator you can book a tour that includes dinner, a choice of several different tours and round trip transportation to and from your Las Vegas hotel, this way you can belly up to the bar, enjoy a few beverages and still make it back to Las Vegas safely. It was well worth the price paid for the evening.
We booked the star gazing tour, and Johnny did a great job, he was so enthusiastic about showing us the beauty of the Nevada skies and even came running into the saloon to get us when Jupiter peaked the horizon allowing us a look at the beauituful planet and a glance at 4 of its moons. As Jill was driving us back to Vegas we noticed some strange lights coming from the cemetery, we pulled over and watched the light skip around the graveyard with no one in sight. I look forward to coming back next year for one of the haunted lock-ins to meet some of the spirits who entertained us in the cemetery that evening, and to enjoy more. delicious food and spend another evening with some of the friendliest people (and ghosts) in Nevada.


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