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My Kat Takes The Mouse

In breaking News ….. Kat caught the Mouse

It was afternoon and I was finally recovering from my night of mouse terror. I asked my daughter Kat if she would go to my car with me to help retrieve my jacket that I had left in my hurry to escape the night before.
We opened the hatchback and there it was…cue the scary horror movie music and close up edits… It was the mouse just hanging out in my car as though it belonged there.
“Oh poor little mouse,” said my animal loving daughter, “I am sure he is much more afraid of us then we are of him.”
I must admit he was pretty calm, even posed for a couple photos as proof that he really existed.
I ran into the house and grabbed a large measuring cup and pot lid while Kat donned heavy duty gardening gloves. In spite of how it had terrorized me I could not bring myself to cause it any harm, so we relocated it to an undisclosed location where it could live free without frightening other squeamish humans.
We returned to the house proud of ourselves for our brave task, but I could not help but pondering where the mouse had come from. Were there other mice in my car, do they travel in packs….would my car ever be safe again?
Was this some evil scare tactic contrive to keep me from voting on Tuesday?

We may never know the answer to these questions, I just know that my sister Mary and my daughter Kat were now super heroes forever in my book. Two woman who were brave enough to face an evil mouse down and live to laugh about it.

Side note to all animal rights activists and PETA members – no mice were in any way harmed in the writing of this blog.


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