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If Only Every Night Were Halloween

Halloween is the holiday that we love as children, and if we are lucky, never outgrow. It’s the one day a year that all our inner princesses, pirates, and superheroes get to come out to play. No one thinks twice on October 31 about seeing Dracula or Snow White driving or walking through the streets. It’s a fun fantasy day for all who want to participate.

It’s been years since Don and I dressed up for Halloween, so when I heard my nephew Jason’s band Tele Novella was playing in Austin we knew we wanted to go, but what to wear? My daughter Kat told me that Morticia and Gomez Adams were one of the epic love stories. With quotes like “Carra Mia, how long has it been since we last waltzed?” we knew they would be our alter egos for the night.

We did not get to Austin until nearly 11 pm and it seemed like the party surrounding 6th street had just started. Surrounded by zombies, a headless guy with his head in a jar, jellyfish, and our Gomez and Morticia.

The venue, Barracuda, was small but the space was well organized. Pool tables, a bar, some seating to include picnic tables and a couch, and of course a stage.

This was a release party for Tele Novella’s new album “House of Souls” so they were the last band to play. I was glad I had napped that day, because a midnight start up would have been rough for my half century plus body. But the excitement of the crowd made us feel young and energetic.

When they hit the stage the crowd gathered around like a rock concert. The band has 4 talented musicians who not only play well but entertain while on stage. They are having fun playing and you can’t help but getting caught up in the energy. The set was all original music with each song more brilliant than the last. In the audience, fans sang along and rocked to the sound that was filling the venue. We found a little spot to dance (yes it’s great dancing and waltzing music also). And like the rest of the audience, we were disappointed when the last song was over.

Afterwards we had a chance to talk to the band briefly. They had just completed a tour of the east coast to promote their new album and will be heading west this month. If you are in one of the towns they visit be sure to check out their great music and ability to entertain audiences of all ages. And if you want to keep that spooky Halloween feeling going a little longer, check out their music video “Trouble In Paradise.” Not only will this haunting melody stay with you but the special effects and talent of Natalie, Jason, Matt and Sarah will wow you.

We left Barracuda after 2 am, usually a pretty late night for us. Austin was winding down, couples were staggering through the streets, costumes still intact. The city was well behaved after a night of partying. My black wig was long gone (the victim of one too many waltzing dips).

Don/Gomez looked at me and asked the question “when was the last time we waltzed?”

“Hours,” I replied as I kicked off my heels and we danced our way back to the hotel.

“Who shall we be next year?” he asked.

I thought for a moment before replying,

“I think we have found our alter egos in The Adams, after all every night for them is Halloween, Carra Mia.”





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