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My Friends at The Sea

I am so fortunate to have some of the most amazing, beautiful, inspiring friends. Friends that I laugh with, cry with, friends who inspire me with their strength, and friends who make me laugh with their fun perspective of life. Friends who are near by that I see often, and friends who are far away that I rarely see, but the moment we are together we connect as though not a day has passed.
Each year a group of my friends travel to Port Aransas for a retreat on the beach. It is a weekend filled with prayer, laughter, singing, reflection, some tears and lots of hugs. The kind of hugs that fill your heart and soul with strength and joy.
Many of these woman I only see during this weekend, they are like the waves on a beach that roll in and out of my life. We supported each other as young mothers and now share stories of our children’s success as adults. We have been there for one another through graduations, first and last days of school, weddings, sickness and deaths. Never judging always accepting.
A professor of mine once told me that each of us needs a support group in life, a group that we can turn to in times of trouble, companions that you give your strength to when they are faltering. I have been blessed with friends like that, and this group of woman who gather at this yearly beach retreat is one such group.
I thank God for those woman who inspire me daily.
For one of life’s greatest gifts is friendship.
The weekend passed quickly and now I am home again, back to all those mundane things that keep our lives steady, but I know next year I will again have the opportunity to return to the beach and my seashore friends,


Favorite color - pink Favorite place to visit - anywhere I am at the moment What I love most about life - spending time with family and friends If I could do anything I wanted - I would travel every inch of the earth and write.

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