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Located in downtown Cheyenne a fun little place with eclectic decor that included Route 66 signs, license plates, sports memorabilia and old record albums on the walls. The large menu offered a variety of foods from burgers to steaks.
Boasting an impressive beer selection with everything from domestic to local crafts. We chose the Snake River Zonker Stout, a delicious dark beer that was the perfect compliment to our lunch.
For an appetizer we tried the fried pickles that were served with ranch dressing and peanut butter, amazingly the peanut butter mixed with the fried pickles was a pretty good combination.
We shared a delicious patty melt for our main course, the burger was cooked to perfection and the sweet potato fries were the perfect side. The kitchen even split it for us on 2 separate plates saving us from the awkwardness of who gets the most fries or larger cut.
The music was classic 60s to 80s not so loud you could not carry on a conversation. There is live music on Friday nights and we were treated to a sound check of Beatles and Yes songs performed by local artist Ken Wooster. Imagine that, live music on a Friday afternoon for lunch.
Thomas our waiter was great and helped us to choose from the extensive menu.
What a great find on our road trip across the Great Plains.


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