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Dinner Concert and a Cruise

Carnival Cruise and Heart Cruise
My husband loves cruises and who wouldn’t, they are the perfect escape. You go out into the middle of the ocean with great food, entertainment, and activities to fill our days and nights.
Our latest was aboard the Carnival Ecstasy. One of the older and smaller ships in the Carnival fleet. We sailed from Miami to Key West and Cozumel. But it was not the destinations that appealed to my husband when he booked this trip; it was the fact the band Heart was to perform during our night in Cozumel; and yes it was the real Ann-and-Nancy-Wilson, Crazy-on-You Heart.
We arrived in Miami in the morning on the day of the cruise and were able to board early as we had purchased “Faster to the Fun” passes which allowed us to bypass the lines and get right on board. We always try to get a room with a balcony, I know people say its just a room, but there is nothing like having your own private space to sit and relax away from the crowds and look at the water or gaze up at the stars at night.
We never like having to stick to a schedule so we always choose the “dine at your own time” option. The dining area offered a 3 bottle of wine deal for $67.00 that we could split over our 3 nights, and after looking at the prices of wine, this was a definite saving. However, the real surprise that night and throughout the rest of the cruise was how bad the food was This was not our first Carnival Cruise and in the past we loved the food. I don’t know if it was this particular ship or if Carnival has let its quality slip but weight gain was not going to be a problem as we barely finished our dinner.
On our first night, the cruise director led us on a fun pub crawl to check out the bars on the ship. There were lots of fun places with a variety of music. Our favorite was the piano bar featuring a young wonderful singer named King Bea. We had a great time sitting at the piano while he played and we all sang along.
Sadly, the food never got better, nor did the service in the dining room. At one lunch we were serving water and bread to other patrons as there was no one around to take care of it. No one seemed to mind that we were doing their job for them.
Food is all covered on the cruise but alcohol is extra and can get very pricey. I went online and ordered a bottle of vodka with soda to be delivered to our room before the cruise. We also brought 2 bottles of wine which is the maximum amount you can carry on. They also offered a morning continental breakfast you could have delivered to your room. Each day we ordered orange juice and tomato juice and would make our own bloody Mary’s or screwdrivers in our room.

We were not able to dock in Key West due to bad weather. In Cozumel we opted out of the excursions and had beers, margaritas, and nachos at “Fat Tuesdays.” The drinks were fabulous. The nachos were average. We had to ask for extra jalapeños and habenero sauce (since “gringos don’t like it too spicy”). If you worry about the water in Mexico, the waiter told us that their ice was made from purified water. We had an outside seating area with a view of the ship.
When in Cozumel, be wary of the vendors. Don’t buy anything right away. Always shop around first. If you show interest in any one thing, they will hound you relentlessly. Stand firm and keep walking. I purchased a cross that I found for $5.00 less at the very next place we stopped.
My focus that day was the upcoming Heart concert that night. My husband had purchased VIP passes for us which included a meet and greet with the Wilsons. It was a small event where we were offered free champagne and a photo op with Ann and Nancy, no time for autographs just a couple brief comments then off to our great seats for the concert.

There was not a bad seat in the auditorium but third row center seats was a great treat. The concert was amazing! It was funny that the average age in the audience was 50 so when we would stand up to dance it usually was short lived as our stamina was not what it was at 20. The Wilson sisters still have the stamina and superlative talent, they have not changed a bit.

I am not sure if I would consider another Carnival Cruise, unless of course they had another fantastic concert offering like Heart. They do a yearly concert series so it could happen, I guess we will check out next years calendar.

Time together with no distractions plus the Heart concert made this a spectacular week. I am sure it wont be long before we are on the internet looking for our next great sailing adventure.


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One thought on “Dinner Concert and a Cruise

  1. My coworker also just returned from a Carnival Cruise and said the exact same thing, food was terrible and service was even worse. Glad the event concert made it worthwhile.


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