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Frenchmen Street New Orleans

Ok so check out Bourbon Street while in New Orleans, because it’s the thing to do. But if you have come to this city for the music then wrap up your Bourbon Street gawking grab a drink and head to Frenchman Street. Once you have arrived you will feel like you have gone to music heaven, the toughest thing will be where to start, then it will be hard to leave each spot because you don’t want to miss anything!
Our first stop was Vaso where we were treated to the blues and classic rock sounds of Krawdaddy, with that perfect music level that allows you a conversation while swaying to the great sounds. No cover charge, friendly bartender and drinks were reasonable, they also serve food but we did not eat here.
Our next stop was 30-90, this place was a little trendier. The music was 80’s style, lots of brass, it was an interesting Karaoke style instead of singers the musicians would bring their instruments, it was working pretty well while we were there. The music ruled the room in this place, if you want to have a conversation you will need to bring a notepad or know sign language. This place had the cleanest restrooms I had seen in all of New Orleans.
Blue Nile was next a huge place no cover charge. Loved the reggae style music, a little loud but had reasonable drink prices friendly bartenders.
Snug Up was next, the  15.00 cover was worth the price to hear the great sounds of Charmaine Neville we met a drummer who had come in with the hopes of being invited to play with band, it seems that musicians nurture one another in this town. Jeff the bartender very friendly knew everything New Orleans.
Our final stop was The Spotted Cat, this place was packed (did I mention we were there on a Monday Night?). and though people there were drinking they were not there just to drink they were listening, dancing and mesmerized by the music that these musicians were pouring their hearts and souls out for all of us. No cover charge here either but I would have gladly paid for the opportunity to hear them.

We only scratched the surface in our few hours on Frenchman in addition to the places we went There was a poet name Erin Lierl who sits on a corner with her vintage Royal Mercury typerwriter who, for a fee, will write a poem for you about any subject.

If your hungry find Chef Steve, don’t look for a building to find him, follow your nose to the most delicious smells and you will find him with his BBQ set up making delicious jerk chicken, alligator sausage, Mac and cheese and a delicious spicy cabbage generous amounts of each for 20.00, more than enough for 2 people to share and and walk away stuffed and happy.

Amazing music, good drinks, friendly people and delicious food is what you get when you go to Frenchman Street, I can’t wait for my next trip to NOLA so I can finish exploring this area.


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