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Our trip to Milwaukee was planned as a means to check Wisconsin off our list of states visited together.   I came here with no expectations, didn’t even do any research prior to our trip. 


Little did I know that the moment our Lyft driver drove into the beautiful downtown that I would fall in love with this gorgeous city located on Lake Michigan. 


It may have had something to do with the perfect weather that ran from the mid 60’s to low 80’s that was a nice respite from the triple digits we were experiencing in San Antonio.  But there was so much more.


Lake Michigan was a inviting color of blue, with lighthouse beacons protecting sailors from the rocky shores in front of them. 


All along the lake there were sailboats taking advantage of the breeze and the weather.  Veterens Park in front of the Lake was the perfect place for flying a kite, riding a a bike, reading a book or taking a nap.



The dragon flies looked like a battalion of tiny helicopters swooping in on the park.

We stopped to listen to a 1980’s theme band (complete with polyester clothings and tight shirts)that filled us with memories of being young.


The Historic Third Ward was filled with restaurants like Benelux, where we had brunch on the roof, enjoying delicious food while enjoying the perfect summer weather.



In Old Town you could find nearly any kind of beer you could think of, while enjoying some of the regions finest cheeses and sausages.


We stopped at Brüdd Cafe for a beer flight and cheese plate appetizer.

 Then had dinner at the Milwaukee Brat house where we shared a sausage sampler and cheese soup.

The city is filled with sculptures, 



Fun sculptures

Patriotic Sculptures 


Odd Sculptures

And even whimsical sculptures.

I may have felt differently about this town had I arrived in the weather, where I was told the temperatures can drop to 50º below, but if I were going to chose a place to visit in August again, Milwaukee would definitely be top of my list.