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Wedge vs Slice

“Wedge” VS “Slice”.
It’s an age old question.
A debate that has caused scholars many a sleepless night and bartenders hours of frustration.
Though I normally try to avoid such hot button controversial topics such as this, I believe it to be my civic duty to impose my opinion on this very important subject.
So let us now delve into the controversial world of,
“ Wedge” vs “Slice”.

You go to a bar or restaurant and order ice tea or a vodka club. Very different refreshments but they share a unique characteristic, a lemon or lime. Sometimes they come as a wedge, sometimes they come as a slice.

Slices are for eating. If you get a slice of orange on your Blue Moon, that’s okay, because slices are for eating.
But who wants to eat a slice of lemon or lime?

Lemons and limes are for squeezing into drinks.

I challenge everyone to attempt to squeeze a slice then you too can feel our immense frustration.

So, I implore all of you in the world who have the monumental responsibility of making the decision of whether to slice or wedge your fruit, allow us the opportunity to get a good squeeze without getting sticky fingers, and citrus in our eyes.

Wedging is actually easier to do. It decreases the incident of cut fingers and temporary blindness as well as being more aesthetically pleasing to look at.
So people, go out into your local bars, restaurants, friends homes, your own kitchen and demand wedges for squeezing, and slices for eating.


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Lovin’ New York


There is so much to do and see while in New York. Even 7 days in the city flew by with us wishing we had more time.


Here are a few fun things to do while in New York.

Greenwich Village Le Poisson Rouge has great food, good drinks.

5641512B-9C7B-43A6-9B88-D6CBC2885C0EThe night Thor and Friends was the featured band.


We enjoyed their unique sound and haunting melodies that kept the audience mesmerized.



Greenwich Village has a whole different vibe getting off the subway felt like stepping back into time to the late sixties.


Great music, fun people and delicious pizza are what you will find in The Village.



Museum of Natural Science –


Our visit turned into a Night at The Museum scavenger hunt.


We found a few of the displays from the movie such as Tiki Head.


Don got to sit with Teddy Roosevelt for a chat about the great out doors.

When you go to this museum or the Metropolitan Museum of Art they have suggested prices listed outside, but you only have to pay what you can afford.

Radio City Music Hall Tour –


This 75 minute tour takes you on an incredible backstage tour that includes seeing costumes

meeting with a Rockette.


Hearing the history of the building and those who built it.

From the incredible bathrooms to the apartment built for the former manager in the 1920’s.

This our was well worth the $26.00 price tag and kept us inside warm and dry.

Be sure to ask to hear the story of why the elephant had to climb the stairs.

Our tour guide Joyce was fun and knowledgeable and made us feel as if we were living the experience.


Hamilton An American Musical –

So we saw his portrait at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and his grave at Trinity Church. But I wanted Don to have the chance to see the show that he so generously had sent all of us to.


So we walked over to the Rogers Theater and asked again if they had tickets.


This time the answer was not only YES but they were tickets in the 9th row and for face value.

The Broadway show was fabulous, and the theater is beautiful.

Later we found out theaters have occasional cancellations and sometimes have tickets at the door. Don’t go to New York and count on getting tickets to your favorite show, but know it is a possible option.


Central Park Carriage Rides – You can book a carriage ride on line and there are a variety of prices. The average price is about $150.00 on line for an hour.


We found that just going up to the park that the drivers will offer you a pretty good deal for much less if they are having a quiet night or day.


Our driver Ishmael and his horse Scooby gave us a lovely moonlit tour of the park, pointing out several landmarks during our ride.


Church –

There is no shortage of churches in the area. But St. Patricks Cathedral on 5th Avenue is a true experience.

They offer many times for Mass throughout the day so many that as we were leaving one Mass they were starting the next one.


Of course while in New York, we had to visit Fox News.


Just to give Don the feeling we had taken him to The Mother Ship.


We even had a Homer Simpson spotting.


New York is a unique beautiful city, whether your cheering on the runners for The New York City Marathon.


looking for fun photo ops

or just traveling the subway

there is always something fun to see no matter how often we visit.







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A Sleepy Hollow Halloween

Near the shores of the Hudson River, in The Shadow of The Tappan Zee Bridge lies a small village in the state of New York. “Named Sleepy Hollow in The olden days as it was very quiet and made people sleepy”.

In 1820 Washington Irving immortalized this town when he wrote “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. In modern times this quiet little village wakes in October to celebrate The Headless Horseman and the Havoc he wreaked on the imaginations of the townsfolk and Ichabod Crane.9DD12E35-C398-4D31-80AA-9D31AF9D97E6
When my cousin pointed out the town to me on a recent road trip, I thought what a perfect place to visit for Halloween. And I was not disappointed.

Every street lamp, store front


and street celebrates this haunting season,


even the fire department gets into “the spirit”.

There is a huge haunted house on the property of Philipsburg Manor, that turns into the Horseman’s Hallow for the month of October.


This very spooky haunted house is not for the faint of heart as you never know what might jump out at you around each corner.

The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery hosts several tours.


We took the evening lantern tour on Halloween night.

Our host Sandy fascinated us with tales of many of the residence who have chosen Sleepy Hollow as their final resting place.

This beautiful garden cemetery is now eternal home to the remains of Andrew Carnegie,


Frances Church


The Rockefeller’s


and of course Washington Irving.

I was surprised at how peaceful and beautiful this cemetery was.

From the “high rent districts”


where the opulent mausoleum’s line up like homes in a cull de sac


to the simple graves


memorializing loved ones taken too soon,


whose lives touched others and will always be loved and remembered.

And a touch of macabre where Barnabas Collins from dark show gets a nod, because after all, this is Sleepy Hollow.

But there was no sign of the Headless Horseman on that Halloween Night


nor did we have any Ichabod Crane sightings, not even a faint whisper of one of the church psalms he would sing when frightened.

The simple Grave of Washington Irving is appropriately decorated by lit pumpkin that reminds us of the spooky, spirited tale that made this location famous.

If your interested in a permanent home here (when the time comes) this is a “living” active cemetery where one can still find a plot for your final rest.


There is so much to see in Sleepy Hollow and neighboring Tarrytown that three days hardly seemed sufficient.

Because we were there during the week many places were closed.

The Bridge that Ichabod Crane ran for his life to still stands in town


out side the Sleepy Hollow Cemetary, do not slip as you cross lest you become victim to the Headless Horseman.

The magnificent Lyndhurst Castle on the banks of The Hudson


was closed for tours


but we were able to drive around the grounds


and see the ghosts






And  witches


That were still playing on the grounds, even after Halloween had passed.


The Philipsburg Manor when not be used as a haunted house, sits peacefully on the water as a beautiful memory of times when Sleepy Hollow was sleepy.

The Rockefeller State Preserve is just out of town and offers 55 miles of paths to hike.


The Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse was closed when we visited.


There is new construction in the surrounding area


but we were able to get close enough to take a few pictures.


Patriot Park stands in the middle of Tarrytown and is a place to take a peaceful walk or picnic.

Near Ossinger there is a river walk where you can stroll down the banks of The Hudson and watch the sunset.




Lots to do and see in the quaint little area as we drove away.   How will we ever out do this Halloween?   Hmmmm 2018 Salem perhaps?