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The Adventures of Joan and Jill on The Extraterrestrial Highway

It was a beautiful day in Las Vegas, but I was in the casino where sunlight never is seen. My friend Joan was having an exceptionally good day at the tables.┬áThree different dealers as well as dozens of other players had sat at the table, but nothing could stop her. Continue reading “The Adventures of Joan and Jill on The Extraterrestrial Highway”


A Day in Tarpon Springs

My mom passed away last month, her loss has left a huge void in my life, so while in Florida we decided to make the 3 hour drive to visit my Uncle Bernard and Aunt Ellie in Tarpon Springs. The hugs I received when I arrived were worth the drive, It meant so much to be around my moms family. I was thrilled when they offered to show us around the beautiful town of Tarpon Springs. Continue reading “A Day in Tarpon Springs”